A Chef’s Secret Weapon: The Mandolin

by Laurie on July 18, 2011

A Mandolin Slicer is a tool that is used by professional and home cooks for slicing. The mandolin has blades that are extremely sharp and capable of slicing precise, even portions, making a knife a less sensible option. The mandolin can be adjusted to create ½ inch thick to paper thin slices and many include attachments to julienne and “crinkle-cut” at the same time.

There are many mandolins available but the two most popular with professional chefs are: the “Classic French” mandolin by Bron (pictured below) and the “Japanese” Mandolin by Benriner (pictured above). I own both but seem to use the Japanese more at home, and my wife, who is not a cook, also finds it easy to use. So, as far as essential kitchen equipment is concerned: this is near the top of the list.

Do you have a mandolin?

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