Dental Floss. The new Knife!!!

by Michael on November 14, 2011

Dental Floss is a great tool for cutting soft cheeses like goat cheese.

Chef Michael here and today I want to talk to you about dental floss. Yes dental Floss!

I am sure you don’t clean your teeth in the kitchen… Neither do I, but I always have a roll of no wax/no flavor dental floss in the my kitchen.

Why? Dental floss is an invaluable tool.  It is better than almost any knife to cut most soft cheeses or anything soft for that matter.

Goat cheese, which is usually difficult to cut, can be sliced with floss like butter or “Butta” as we say it in NY. So put down your knives and pick up your dental floss for slicing made simple.

While you’re at it go into the bathroom and floss after you eat.  Your dentist will love you for it.

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