Top 10 Gifts For the Home Cook

by Michael on December 17, 2014

1. Stick Blender-Emulsion Blender-Immersion Blender whatever you want to call it, I use mine every day.

2. A great Knife. Not those standard German Knives. Try a hand crafted Japanese Knife like a Shun with rose wood handle. I love my Miyabi® Artisan SG2 Collection Santoku from Sur La Table.

3. If they don’t have a kitchen aid stand mixer then that would be an awesome present. If they do, there are all sorts of attachments you can gift. I recommend the Pasta roller attachments

4. Sous Vide Cooker. Anova Culinary has finally broken the price barrier. Cookers for under $200.

5. If your cook does have one, a great pepper mill is a great choice. I do highly recommend Peugeot. I have been using them for 20+ years.

6. If you have ever burnt your hands or forearm reaching in and out of the oven you will feel me on this one. OVEN RACK GUARDS. A chef would never buy them for themselves but I wish someone would buy them for me (hint-hint)

7. Silicone Baking sheets. You can never have too many Silpats is the brand name I use.

8. Most Cooks have at some point said I wish I had another Burner. Induction Burners are a great solution. You do need to have stainless steel or induction ready pots and pans but these do come in handy.

9. Digital Instant read Thermometers are always a good stocking stuffer.

10. A day from Cooking. That is my Christmas wish. The best Present I could get.

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